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Lost Hearts is a short story from Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, published in 1904. It is a lesser tale, and although popular with modern tastes, is not a typical tale from M.R. James.The tale begins with the description of an old country house, Answarby Hall in Lincolnshire, towards which a young boy, Stephen Elliot, is travelling. He has been recently orphaned and a distant cousin, a Mr Abney, who is much older, has agreed to give him a home. This is a surprise to the people who know Mr Abney, as he is something of a recluse; a Professor of Greek at Cambridge University and particularly interested in Pagan religions. He is not known to have any interest in children. He welcomes Stephen effusively, strangely asking the boy how old he was twice within the first few minutes. Steven and the reader find this rather puzzling. Perhaps it is just eccentricity on the part of an old man.Steven settles into the household, and questions the servants - Mrs. Bunch and Mr. Parkes - about Mr Abney. They tell Steven that the Professor is very kind. They remember for instance, that he has befriended two children on earlier occasions. (view spoiler)[ The first child was a gypsy girl, who stayed for only three weeks before mysteriously disappearing. The next was a boy called Jevanny. He was also homeless and had arrived playing a hurdy-gurdy one day. Mr. Abney took him in, but he also mysteriously disappeared after a short time. Although the servants do not feel at all surprised by this, the reader feels that Steven at least should have been.Steven has a couple of very unsettling experiences. Once he sees an emaciated body of a young girl lying in the bathtub. He concludes that it was a trick of the light through the glazed bathroom door. On another occasion his nightgown is found by the servant to have been slashed over and over again, and there are scratchmarks on the door, both of which are inexplicable. On yet another occasion he overhears the butler telling the servant about some rats whom he heard whispering and talking in the cellar. When he catches sight of Stephen, the butler makes out that he had been joking. At this point the story loses some credibility. A sense of dread should have been conveyed, but there is no sense that the characters are made to feel jittery in any way.After Stephen has been living at Answarby Hall for a while, Mr. Abney asks him if he could come to see him at 11pm one evening in March. It is a strange request, he says, but he would be busy with his papers and not have any time before then, and he would like to talk to Stephen about his future. Stephen agrees, and while he is waiting sees two strange apparitions outside the house - a boy and a girl. The girl reminds him of the image he had seen in the bathroom. She is clasping her hand over her chest, and as she moves it aside, Stephen sees a gaping hole in her chest. Despite this frightening experience, Stephen keeps his appointment and knocks on the Professors door at 11pm. Before he can go in however, there is a frightful shriek. When the door is finally opened Mr Abney is found to be dead, with his chest slashed and his heart exposed. He has a ghastly expression on his face. A knife lies close by, but the knife is perfectly clean. Papers and diagrams are spread about chaotically. The verdict of the coroner later is that a wild beast must have entered the house and attacked the man.However, later papers come to light which mean that the adult Stephen comes to a very different conclusion. Mr Abney had been obsessed by the concept of immortality, and kept a journal of his experiments. The journal detailed theories which he had held, derived from occult practises. One of them was that the consuming of the hearts of 3 children, before the age of 12, would make him able to fly and make him immortal. It was important that the hearts be cut from the living body, burnt, mixed with port and consumed. The professor wrote that he had hidden their bodies in an unused bathroom and a wine cellar. In other parts of the diaries Mr Abney recorded the psychic forms of the children, their leaden features and hideously long nails. They returned after their death, but had little weight or substance, so he thought they were weak and did not pose a threat to him. He viewed these psychic forms as a small price to pay for immortality. (hide spoiler)]

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